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Welcome to burnt toast!  I am Carrie Stephens, a woman-girl who longs to make her life count, her God proud, her husband happy, and her kids feel loved.

This blog is called burnt toast because, as a child, I watched my mom always eat the charred pieces of toast so we could have the best ones. I thought I never wanted to be a mom, because I never wanted to have to take the left-over, least-desired pieces of anything. But I have learned that there is joy in giving the best to those around you, and that Jesus was right about all that "last is first" and "least is greatest" stuff.  

So this is the place I sift through my moments and type out my heart, all with the hope that my words help someone else sift through theirs. I believe that God's truth lies buried in the world around us, and that she who seeks truth will find Him. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died so that we can have eternal life, and that He has a vested interest in the lives of those who follow Him.

Much of what I write is about marriage, motherhood, and ministry. These are the three things that have marked my life and character most.  My husband is lovingly called Mr. Fantastic, I have three boys very close in age and a sweet little girl who has stolen all of our hearts. We are blessed to serve and be a part of a great church here in Austin.

I hope you are encouraged by what you read and that you will make yourself at home and click around to your heart's content.

 Here are a few of my favorite posts that give a peek into my heart:

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