Monday, April 25, 2016

holding onto God

This morning we read Psalm 62 as a part of our family devotional. We asked everyone to close their eyes and listen to the beginning and the end, and see if the Holy Spirit spoke anything to them- if any of the words "came alive" in their hearts as they listened. This is the beginning of hearing God's voice, and it's amazing to watch my children practice this discipline.

My daughter said she heard the word "Yours" as we read, and it made her think about the way we are all God's treasures, belonging to Him alone. She's a little deep for a seven year old.

It reminded me of how my friend Amelia used to let the Lady hold her wedding ring. There are a lot of ways to bond with a four year old girl, but this by far was proven to be quite successful.

Little girls do love pretty, shiny things.

Finley, age 4

In her hand is not simply a sparkly, expensive thing, that a man gave to the woman he loves. It is a symbol of forever love, the proof of a vow that links two people for all time.

We often hold more than we realize.

I keep looking at this old photo of my daughter, so full of glee and joy. I miss her younger face, babyish words, and gushing toddler hugs. In this photo she is feeling loved by her grown-up friend, and loving her in return. But I love the way she is growing up, so fun and full of life and new wisdom all uniquely her own.

It isn't only listening in silence to God's word that leads us to broader truths, our friendships can teach us a great deal about broader things.

In the grand exchange of love we call friendship, we hold the heart and soul of someone else in our own.

In the lilting syllables of God's Word we hold many deep truths to discover.

Like Amelia did with her ring, God lets us hold His treasures so we will know His love for us. And by holding the people and truths and experiences He gives us Himself. We are holding God's treasures, but we are really holding God. And all the while He is holding us.

I hope today I don't fail to see what I am really holding, that the pains and struggles are for His shining glory, that the children I am struggling to raise well will one day rise up and shine for God alone, and that the words I agonize over writing belong to Him alone and He will do as He pleases with them.

We hold so much, even when we hold such small things. The true blessing of today is simply to have open hands.

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