Wednesday, April 15, 2015

beautiful shame

I see Your face as it rises over the land,
Who can behold such a vision and not surely die?

I stand amazed.

I crumble slowly in the light of Your mercy,
Fear flourishes within as pieces of me I deemed precious fall lifeless from my grip.

The trumpet blasts- I fall to my knees;
The darkness within me spins as a cyclone, a mighty wind within.

My great need sucks the Word into my soul,
Like spark and wood, Your presence and Your promise ignite.

I am ablaze.

Sparks fly within as Christ my brother opens His arms;
I can't deny the beauty and tragedy of this sacrifice.

I am consumed by this Love and this Lesson,
And born again by the Spirit of the Holy, Righteous God.

I will never be the same again.

He has made my ugliness His glory,
He calls my shame His own and sets me free.

The fear of all I lose for Him subsides in the light of all I gain;
How can a Love like this be for me?

Another beautiful shame has come home.

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