Monday, October 13, 2014

when silence thunders of God's love

art by Jen Renninger

We stand on the edge of a cliff. Can't you feel it? The wind swirls around us, water from crashing waves occasionally sprays our faces, and even though we know a deafening roar rises from below us, the silence overrides it.

It's so very quiet on the edge of God's newness.

The truth of our souls lies beneath the water. God wrought caves there. They hold mysterious corridors and the answers to our deepest cries for mercy and justice. Will we dive into the unknown darkness, entering the places God has already gone and prepared for us?

For this how we begin to map out our souls.
Our Creator Father breathes in deeply, a long inhale that takes generations to be completed. His holy lungs fill with the joys and pains, the glory and the ashes, the beauty and the brokenness, and He smiles because He has good plans for all of it.

High above us, beyond trees that shelter from the heat of summer, past the clouds that hide rainbows of promise, above the air that waits in anticipation for the day it will hold rays of Light carrying final redemption, He is beginning to exhale a fresh wind of His Spirit.

The silence is pregnant with God's pleasure, His adoration of His children, and His sovereign plan to bring us deeper into Who He really is.

It is time to leap from this cliff, to swim beneath the waters of God's mysterious ways, and to be held by Him in the darkness.

Oh my soul, don't be afraid. This is part of the terrifying journey of faith. Quiet your rattling words that beat hope to dust. Let go of every anxious thought and swim into the caves. Be brave, my soul.

Find treasure in who He is, feel the quiet thunder of His grace, know that "He is". This is how new things begin: one leap of faith into God's mysterious ways.

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