Wednesday, July 9, 2014

we are all a woman in need of a champion

Once upon a time, in a land closer than the blood in her heart or the breath in her lungs, there was a woman who thought she wanted to be loved.

She was a princess, she was a poor maiden, she was a popular girl, she was an outcast, she was less beautiful than she wanted to be, and she was heavenly glory encased in the softest silken skin anyone had ever seen. She was all of this, because she is all of us.

She searched all through the land, seeking a fight she could win, a place she belongs, a home to draw her close, a valley running with milk and honey, and she cried when her hands held less than she knew she needed.

We are all very fortunate to start out like this woman. This groomless bride, longing for love and for someone to ask just the right question.

Can you see past the pain to know what is true?

We say we want to find our true selves, we cling to dreams and hopes, or we sit down in defeat because our skin isn't quite the right fit, our parents are from that less desireable place, or because everything is just too easy and we forget how to walk on when we are too comfortable in our inferior situation.

But what this woman really has is a grand opportunity, can't you see? She is flesh soon-to-be-branded with a story crafted to make her glorious. She is choice and grace intermingled into the sweetest cocktail any lips have ever tasted.

It's no fairy tale, it is the song we are made to sing, the one that booms from the lungs of victors when guns are laid down and hands are held and peace rings out over the whole earth.

We all begin here, like a woman in need of a Champion.

We are the oppressed, the weak ones tangled in the web of satan's silly game, born to believe the lie that we can be satisfied by less than God's own Son.

Rise up, sweet bride, and wear the spotless gown your Lover offers. There is one glorious law that overrules all others that try to ensnare you with their burdenous nature, and it is this one:

Mercy triumphs when Love covers your needfulness.

Jesus can do for you what earthly fathers, mothers, spouses, brothers, sisters, children, and friends can only wish to do.

He can win for you. Your Champion can make the desert into a spring of living water and you can thrive where others have failed.

We will all live happily ever after, and it will be better than we can possibly imagine.

Breathe His love deep within and lay down your defenses before the God who loves you most of all, and follow your Champion forever.

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