Monday, July 14, 2014

god is not a lesson to be learned

There are a million ways to do this Jesus thing wrong.

Prodigals, perfectionists, hypocrites, know-it-alls, sloppy grace guzzlers, stumbling cynics; we have all done the math at one point and ended up with irrational numbers and faulty solutions.

Lately, I keep adding it all up only to find the lessons lead to more questions. 
This discontent has haunted me for months. It nags at me when I read books that offer the same advice that doesn't really seem to help. It breathes over my shoulder when I hold brokenness up to God and He whispers to forget everything I know and have heard. It sings mournful spirituals as I hear stories of abandoned children, fractured marriages, and loss in others' lives.

My soul needs new water, new wine, and new rivers sweetened with milk and honey to run through it.

Take off your shoes. This needfulness is holy ground. Here the bush alights with glory and is never consumed. This is where the cynics fall down, the prodigals give up at last, and the power of God sets His people free. It's time to erase the voices that offer empty answers and run to God.

Because God is not a lesson to be learned. We must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

I long for what can never be taken away from me, to soak the Person who loves me most of all into my skin and let Him seep through and erase the questions that really can't be answered here in this broken world.

God can't be boxed up, written out, and memorized. It's not always the same answer with Jesus.

He is an unexpected blaze of color flaming across the sky. He is open arms that emanicipate the hardest heart with tender mercy. He is rain that falls and never rages into floodwaters. He is the whisper of mountain songs and the tremor of earthquakes that raise mankind upward.

For the next two weeks, this blog will be a place of silent communion. I am taking a short break, a timely fast, and I am confident that in my silence I will hear what I long for most of all: His new words of faithfulness. 

Have a great two weeks, and I will see you soon!

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