Friday, January 24, 2014

when we fly away

Here we are, inside this dome of color and light,
It hums and breathes and most days it steams hot with goodness.

Out there, beyond the blue and the green, the orange and the pink,
Toxic air seethes, it swirls, showing us all we want is what we already have.

I am terrified yet happy here under the grace-cover,
My body aches weariness, my soul thrills with the thought of you.

Most of all, I dream of the day we will fly.

Up, up and away we will fly from this bubble,
Past the words and the stories, into a cloud of new life.

I in you and you in me, you grasp my hand firmly and we soar,
Time blurs and forms and shapes a new world for us.

That's what happens the day the chariot speeds from the hills.

We shake off these golden feet and shed the skin that hangs,
Spinning, dancing we climb to heights that hope births in glory.

Plans and dreams dissolve and the bubble pops; all the colors win the race,
We break and heal; beauty rises triumphant as the black death-air flees.

Fly away, fly away, someday when we fly away.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful, true, and full of hope. May I fly away someday too?