Thursday, January 30, 2014

the real secrets of non-virtual love

Late last night, Mr. Fantastic and I sat on the sofa, deep in conversation.

We talked about the church, my blog, and social media. We talked about our future plans and cherished blessings.

We love being transparent, sharing our struggles and joys. We love inviting people into our thoughts and hopes, standing up and shouting victorious over all God has done, and letting our tears and desperate prayers show the world what it looks like to need a Savior.

But sometimes, we hide some of the love.

This marriage of ours, although built with stained glass windows of grace and transparent walls so others can see in, is in it's truest essence a relationship between only three people: me, him, and God.

Sometimes, we take really great photos and don't post them on Instagram or Facebook. (Amazingly, we still adore them, even without one bazillion likes.)

There are nights that we have deep conversations or witty banter that is just for the two of us to cherish and enjoy. (Should a slight reference to one of these topics emerge in a group setting, a quick wink of the eye and a shared smile thrill us to the core.)

We have lists of hopes, dreams, and prayers we like to lock away in late night conversations. (Then, when God showers us with His abundant provision, it feels like He is singing We Are The Champions just for the two of us.)

Private treasures make our love more precious. Inside jokes are fun. Secret date night locations make life exciting.

What is out there on the internet is just a slice of this life we share. Because we live out here, and the virtual world is never as brilliant as the light of love lived out, face to face, heart to heart.

All of it, the public, the private, the successes, the failures, the joys, the deep aches, it all weaves itself into this beautiful thing labeled "Love".

Someday, when the spotlight of ministry fades, when the business of parenting eases into the slower joy of grandparenting, when social media trends shift and we are no longer interested in the new digital era, there will be two people left here, standing in the light of God's love.

In the end, this is our fairy tale to write with God, and our love to live in Him. From the secret, hidden place of our marriage, awe and wonder bloom with glory.

We are happy to share the highlights, but today I hold the fun, crazy, gritty details of life close to my heart. And, I'm telling you, it's all fabulous, terrifying, challenging, and breathtaking to its very core.

My heart overflows with gratitude. Life is so very, very good.

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