Wednesday, January 15, 2014

an out-of-step boba fett and jesus kind of morning

The Boba Fett alarm clock down the hallway resounded with an unexpected, loud beeping much too early this morning. No one seemed to know who had mistakenly set it.

That bounty hunter drew us out of dreams and into a day marked by my own inability to find a rhythm.

I am one step behind today, scrambling along to find my footing.

I turned on the bathroom faucet, waiting for warm water to flow. "Lord, you are my secure ground. Speak to me...." Plunging my hands into the flow, my heart listened for His voice, but silence met me.

The kids and I bustled out the door and pulled into the school parking lot three minutes late with me proclaiming again a prayer on my lips for Jesus to meet us. Silence lingered over me as backpack-laden boys climbed out of the car.

Boy 3 pressed his lips to his sister's and mine, reassuring us both, "I will never forget your goodbye kisses."

There seemed to be a spark of God's voice in this child's words, but I couldn't quite feel the full warmth of His message.

"Mama, can you turn on the CD?" the Lady requested our new favorite soundtrack for our days, the Deliberate Kids music that my friend Kelly gave us when we were in Nashville.

We parked at the gym and that five year-old God blessed me with popped out of her seat and leaned her face up into mine, whisper-singing the words in to my ear:

"Cause' God made the heavens and God made the earth.
God made you before your birthday.
He's got a plan,
He's got a plan for you!
God made the birds and God made the bees,
He's got a plan,
He's got a plan for you!
And if you walk in His ways it will come true! "

Well, now. If that isn't exactly what I needed to hear today, I don't know what is.

We lay it all down for our children, loving them through the temper tantrums, the bouts of strep throat, and the hard lessons of growing up. And along the way God puts the fire of His love for us in their little hands and their happy kisses, and all we must do is listen carefully and gather it all up.

Cold water always runs for a minute before the warm water gets to the sink.

God comes unexpectedly like a bounty hunter. The wise heart listens closely, watches the flow of love from one person to another, and seeks Him until He fully reveals Himself. He never forgets us.

We are never really out of step when we are following Jesus. His voice is in the alarm clock, the daily chores, the words of our family, and the beautiful melody of the scriptures.

Lord, you are our secure ground. Speak to us....

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