Monday, December 16, 2013

wait and see

So many stories run through me, still awaiting their endings.

They go like this:

"Once upon a time there was a girl who followed a King. He asked great things of her and when the road became difficult she asked for miracles. Then she dwelt in His lands and waited for His answer...."

There's a faith that amazes the world. And it doesn't always end with hope fulfilled, all wrapped up with a pretty bow for everyone to see.

Not yet anyways.

God's love whispers from beyond this world of reckless tragedy, "Blessed is she who believes that He will answer her prayer and be true to His word."

Happy endings elude us and yet we stand here trusting that He writes them anyways.

People who love God and have perfect lives are few and far between. In all honesty, the people we know who are like that seem underwhelmingly heroic.

No, we esteem and praise the people who believe when it seems all hope is lost. We don't enjoy being that person, but God loves us enough to give us the gift of circumstances that require a life of great faith.

Blessed is she who believes. Happy is she whose hope is in Him. Beloved is the one who waits in God's presence for the fruition of His glory.

The other night my little Lady laid with her head comfortably on her pink pillow that spells out the word "LOVE". I was tucking her in, a smile hiding my heavy heart. It had been a day of agonizing emotions and tearful conversations.

She looked deep in my eyes and asked, "Are grown up women princesses too?"

God can speak to us in many ways and from many places.

"Yes," I guaranteed and proclaimed the truth for us both. "We are daughters of the King, and His love makes us all princesses."

In the end, happily ever after is most securely in our hands when His word burns brightly in our hearts.

The writing is on the wall and the Word lights this grand love story, written solely for His glory.

And we will all live happily ever after. All daughters of the King do. We will have to just wait and see....

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