Monday, December 2, 2013

a winter poem

i dream a dream for us,
i long to dream Your dream for us;
Your word rings out like silver bells,
chiming, soaring over frozen souls.

yes, You dream a dream for us,
You long to place Your dream in us.
You place us on golden wings of Hope,
lifted high to catch sight of our wintry world.

there is much I long to say to You,
i look for words to wring my heart clean;
of the solid warmth and liquid fire
Your mysterious presence births in me.

i move beyond barrenness,
for past my sinful leaning beckons:
a life laid down in blinding light,
where your love resounds, echoes, returns.

i pray my heart would learn to be,
steadfast in its pursuit of You;
Holy One, our Alpha and Omega,
my whole world tucks cleanly in Your hand.

You aid me with Your right hand,
Your victorious right hand bears me anew;
i lay myself before Your throne,
prostrate, laid low, I sing of my King.

my face is hidden, yet i sing,
a song of praise wells up for You;
come near, Lord Jesus, oh ever closer,
oh Immanuel, our Lord, today come near.

snow-packed hills and rooftops closely listen,
for the crack of ice and cold that carries,
a triumphant spring for all Your children,
it sets Your dream to Life and then it sets. us. free.

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