Friday, November 8, 2013

a hobbit hole weekend

Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” - Luke 7:50

Six out of the last eight days have had ministry meetings and important church events.

Mr. Fantastic and I haven't been on a date in two months because a city-wide evangelism movement in Austin has required so many nights of our lives. We have been a house of schedules divided, but our hearts remain united in this season requiring faithful hands and diligent service.

My kids have logged quite a few hours in childcare at the church, I have tucked them into bed as meetings were beginning in my living room and thanked them for enduring late nights because of my crazy schedule.

This week I have heard women share how they are the brink of breaking for good, how we cling to our intentions to honor God no matter the circumstance, and together we have asked the Holy Spirit to lift us all high above our failings and struggles.

I feel poured out, filled up, tired, and grateful to be fully forgiven and completely in love with the God of all things.

Here I sit, on my knees at the feet of my Lord. All I can see in this season is His gaze of grace upon us all.

This weekend I will be carving out a small hobbit hole in God's presence and crawling under a quilt woven out of His words.

I will cheer my guts out for Boy 1's football playoff games. I will eat donuts for breakfast with children gathered around me at Krispy Kreme. Mr. Fantastic will breathe in the crisp Autumn air beside me on an evening walk under the big Texas sky.

On Sunday I will cry as Boy 2 gets baptized, in awe of the sight of so much outward beauty that is the result of God's greatest inner work of redemption.

Our faith has saved us, our love for God compels us, and we go on through our days in peace.

What are your plans for this lovely November weekend? How is the view from your front door?

I pray it is full of grace and peace. Happy weekend, friends....

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