Tuesday, October 29, 2013

why a pastor's wife wants steve miller band played at her funeral

A few months ago, a new friend sat on her cozy sofa and said this to me, "I was wondering out loud to my husband the other day, 'What music does Carrie listen to?'"

I kind of didn't know what to say. It's an eclectic mix of eras, sounds, and genres. I choose my music song by song, and it's all based on emotion because I have no musical talent whatsoever.

But today, I know what song I want played at my funeral. I was on the elliptical machine, my phone was shuffling through the songs, and Dance, Dance, Dance by Steve Miller Band started twanging away.

This song is how I am making it along life's narrow path.

"My grandma she's 92, she loves to dance and sing some too... 
If you keep on dancin' you'll never grow old..."

There are many days I feel old, worn, and ready to meet Jesus on the other side of glory.

Then I dance.

Some afternoons I feel deflated after prayers return to me with answers I hadn't expected.

Then I dance and I remember.

The darkness can creep up on me, taunting me with the worst of all fears.

Then I dance and I remember that God loves to watch me.

Words slash at our lives, friends are hard-won, and my life feels more like a tiny rowboat out in a ferocious storm.

Then I dance and I remember that God loves to watch me stand in the boat and step out on the waves.

Hope always seems to begin when I start dancing, when the music comes from beyond this world and I dance like the angels do around nail-scarred feet.

"You're such a pretty lady, you're such a sweet girl,
When you dance it brightens up my world. 
Come on darlin' put a pretty dress on we're gonna go out tonight.."

Dancing brightens up the world. We step through to joy and love and life with every move we make.

I'm going to dance through the wilderness, right over Jordan, and into glory.

I danced in tutus as a little girl.

I danced to 80s praise and worship the night I gave my life to Jesus.

I danced like a crazy bride at my wedding.

I danced holding fussy babies all night long.

I dance on the sidelines of football games when my son pulls a flag.

I dance an awkward Swan Lake with my daughter in the living room.

I'm going to dance in Mr. Fantastic's arms at our children's weddings.

I will dance in my kitchen with my grandchildren.

I plan to dance on the front row on Sunday mornings until Jesus comes back, my hair turns grey, or He calls me home to dance with Him.

In heaven, I'll be the one dancing like the finest prima ballerina the world ever knew.

I want everyone to dance for joy with me at the end. Because that's how I'm making it through.

Dance with me, and live for Him. Put a pretty dress on, we're gonna brighten up the world....

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