Tuesday, October 1, 2013

when we wake we will move mountains

I bought this sign at the HEB grocery store down the road. I have seen the words on Pinterest and Etsy. Apparently, people put this in their baby's nurseries.

But I bought it just for myself, because of the way Mr. Fantastic refers to me as a "late bloomer".

Although I was 5'7 in the sixth grade, he's right about me. It takes me some time to get to full speed.

I'm not alone.

There's nothing wrong with that at all. Take heart, late bloomers of the world, we are in good company. Late bloomers are some of God's closest friends.

When I think of late bloomers in the Bible, Sarah, Noah, Moses, Ruth, Elizabeth, Paul, Abraham, and even Jesus come to mind. They all lived a full life before they came to the mountains they were destined to move.

Whatever the cause of our season of waiting may be, there are a lot of us sitting with our engines in idle, awaiting a holy day when God will call us to wake up all eight cylinders of power in our souls and let 'er rip.

Yes, we may slumber a bit, as we march along, faithfully serving behind the scenes, caring for babies, or clocking in and clocking out at a job that buys groceries for our families and keeps a roof securely over us.

We may wonder why silence seems to be at the end of our prayers for the lost or why the doors to opportunity and the miraculous only open for others.

Perhaps the season of preparation, of rest, of training, and of faithfulness seems obscure and unnecessary to the world.

But when our time of waiting is over, when God wakes us, a mighty thunder will fill the atmosphere with deafening roar.

Mountains will move and we will not be surprised. Because deep in our hearts we know the day is coming that our voices will shake the heavens with praise and honor for the One True King.

So we fill ourselves with His word, we cry out for His presence, we glory in our hidden place, and we wait.

And to all the amazing people like my Mr. Fantastic, who bloom so beautifully ahead of us, we say thank you.

Thank you for blessing us with your friendship, your love, and your faith. We are coming, just behind, and we will roar with you soon....

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