Friday, October 26, 2012

unleashing dreams

Today the Baby Lady prayed this:
God, I pray I would grow up, get married and have a baby... or a dog...or a trampoline...or five Barbies. Amen.

The most fantastic thing about being almost four years old is that you can tell God what you really want.

You don't worry about how your request sounds.

You don't strategically plot your prayer, concerned that if you ask for something outside of God's will, He will give it to you to show you how foolish your prayer was.

You don't struggle with wondering if God loves you enough to care about what you want.

Four year-olds just ask. You know, kind of like Jesus told us to:
Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. -John 16:24
Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm not preaching some sort of genie-in-the-bottle prayer theology. I don't think my Lady will necessarily get all the things she asked God for today.

This is what I think my daughter's prayer means:
God, I have dreams. I am bringing them to you first. These are the things in my heart. Only you can really make any good thing happen for me. I am asking you to bless me. Amen.
As I write that I feel thoughts bubble up from deep rivers of my soul. All my "it may not be His will: business ties down prayers that I long to send up to heaven.

Hope and trust in a mighty God unleash the fierce dreams that only God can accomplish in our lives. They fly to the presence of God, where He can do as He chooses with me, His bondservant.

I would rather they sit at His feet than hold them stifled and drowned in my own fear.

I may not understand every answer God gives to my prayers. But I know that my heart is safe in His hand.

If I wait all my life in faith for my prayers to be answered, and find that the dreams in my heart only will come true when I reach eternity, I am okay with that.

Heaven is better than a trampoline, 5 Barbies, adopting a little girl from China, writing a book for God, or an earthly heart that is always patient, always kind, and never had a single prideful thought.

I am here on earth, and those are a few of the dreams in my heart. God has a purpose in them, even if it is only to lead me to Him.

Our dreams can lift us into God's presence. All we need to do us unleash them and trust Him.

What dreams have you unleashed and sent to God today?

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